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The Handmade Cases of Birgette Sommer

If you’ve ever acquired a custom knife, then you know exactly how much thought goes into the case (if there is even a case at all) which accompanies it, by most makers. Zero. Usually it’s a $5 vinyl zipper pouch. Which, by the way, will work. But, if we’re to follow that line of thinking, then why buy a custom knife at all, if a $30 knife will work? Maybe it’s because we believe in owning, and using, the highest quality we can afford. So, why then, do we store and carry our finely crafted cutting instruments in subpar cases? We shouldn’t!

If you remember, the first article I wrote for floridaknifegroup.com was on the Monte Carlo by Jens Ansø  (and if you don’t remember, please check it out after you finish reading this one). Upon receipt of the Monte Carlo, I was instantly impressed with the pouch that accompanied it. Jens worked with fellow Danish designer Birgette Sommer to have thick felt pouches made specifically for the Monte Carlo Project. A custom pouch for a custom knife! Since then, I purchased another single-knife case made out of canvas and felt for my Ansø Zero, that also holds a Jesper Voxnaes Snailor (also another article for your perusal), a multi-knife/multi-watch case, a bracelet for the wife and my Voxnaes F6 also came with a custom By Sommer (her business name) case.

I must say that, so far, I’ve been very impressed with the quality and design of her work. To have two of the hottest knifemakers out there including By Sommer cases with their knives is quite the endorsement. I know, for a fact, that Jens and Jesper take their designs very seriously and to have someone else’s work be the first thing a customer sees really says a lot.

it’s because we believe in owning, and using, the highest quality we can afford

Based in Denmark, Birgette Sommer comes from a family that has been in the textile industry for generations. Crafting EDC gear is not a sideline for her, this is her full-time business. She has been making EDC gear such as knife/watch cases for 3-4 years. It really took off when Jesper Voxnaes asked her to design and make cases for his knives. She uses materials like vintage surplus military canvas, felt and waterproof awning fabric which makes for an robust product with appealing aesthetics.

Birgette is currently taking custom orders with a 2 week to 3 month wait time, depending on size and complexity. Most orders are begun immediately. She can make cases for knives of all sizes and her larger multi cases can incorporate compartments that meet your personal needs. Such as a laptop, tablet, watches, etc. Check her website and Instagram account for a selection of products and to get ideas for a custom case of your own. Her starting price for a single-knife case is around $30. She doesn’t attend any knife shows, but would like to attend the Blade Show sometime in the future. Birgette hopes that By Sommer will continue to grow and develop. She would like to work with larger companies with the possibility of having her designs produced on a larger scale.

She uses materials like vintage surplus military canvas, felt and waterproof awning fabric

When deciding on a case from By Sommer, please keep in mind that these are custom, handmade items. As with any products that use vintage materials, there can sometimes be imperfections in the materials themselves, but these just add to the vintage “look” of the case. That being said, I personally appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of a handmade product. Birgette’s experience and passion for her craft is evident in her creations. Don’t take my word for it (though you might want to to take the words of Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø!), check out By Sommer for yourself.


Birgette Sommer 
Company: By Sommer 
Website: bysommer.com
Email: sommer@bysommer.com
Instagram: @designbysommer

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  1. Aaron, Just like there is nothing like a hand made knife? There is also nothing like a handmade case or slip for your knives. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson says:

      Thank you JR! I feel that shining the light on people and companies that are continuing the tradition of “handmade” is very important.There will always be a place in my collection for true handmade pieces.

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